Candid Photos Of Stormtrooper Families Enjoying Life

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Stormtroopers are supposed to be the most feared warriors in the galaxy, but it’s a little difficult to take them seriously at this point. They have terrible aim and die in droves throughout the films. These days you’ll find them raising money for charities at every convention and major tourist spot. And, of course, fan vids have made them do everything from dance to argue politics with their gay partner while the Death Star was demolished by the Rebels. Why not just take it all the way, then, and reconfigure Stormtroopers as adorable, completely nonthreatening families?

Set aside your knowledge that Stormtroopers are cloned, not born, and check out these photos by Kristina Alexanderson. Anderson takes Stormtroopers of different sizes from different Lego lines and arranges them in a variety of tableaus recalling parents and children.

Some of the photos even mix in a few other Star Wars characters, like this one of Lil’ Trooper shying away from the boss. The photo’s title and description say the little guy is “just shy”, but I choose to believe that even a baby Stormtrooper would be skiddish around Darth Vader.

The photos are cute, but they are also really well composed and shot. Alexanderson’s pictures of the Stormtroopers in the great outdoors are particularly great examples of this.

And, finally, Alexanderson’s Stormtrooper families aren’t just content to goof around in the snow and roughhouse with each other. They are also politically aware and active.

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