Cancelled Terra Nova Could Be Resurrected By Netflix

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Netflix has recently started getting into the original programming game. For instance, they’re planning to create new episodes of Arrested Development which would air through their streaming service. Now that Terra Nova has been axed by Fox, Netflix may be considering adding the ended Dino show to its roster.

Word from Deadline is that preliminary conversations are already underway, though they’re a long way off from entering any kind of negotiation.

It might make sense from a ratings perspective for Netflix to pick up the show. Even though it’s been cancelled Terra Nova actually did pretty well in the ratings race. But you’d think the cost per episode to produce it would be a little prohibitive for Netflix. Each ep cost around $4 million to produce.

Really if they’re intent on resurrecting a cancelled science fiction program, maybe they should consider going a different direction. Terra Nova got ratings but it wasn’t exactly critically acclaimed. Even those who watched and liked it will generally admit the show had problems. I’d rather see Netflix pick up something with a more devoted fanbase and greater quality potential. Firefly and Stargate Universe, for instance, were vastly cheaper to produce and have fanbases which while smaller are far more devoted. Either of those seem like they’d be a much better fit on Netflix.

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