Campaign Video Wants Brad Bird To Direct The New Star Wars Movie

By Rudie Obias | 9 years ago

It’s Election Day! What better day to “vote” for your favorite director to helm the new Star Wars movie in 2015? Among the most popular directors, Brad Bird seems to have a good core of cheerleaders vying for him to get the job as director of Episode VII. Watch this campaign video promoting Brad Bird.

Does this campaign video make a good argument for Brad Bird? He does seem to be one of the more logical choices to direct the next Star Wars film, considering he has directed some of the very best movies Pixar has to offer (Ratatouille, The Incredibles), not to mention the underrated but amazing The Iron Giant. He also made a smooth transition from animation to live-action moviemaking with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in 2011. Although another Pixar director, Andrew Stanton, might be a better and more inspired choice, the disappointing box office of John Carter probably doesn’t put him on Disney’s short list.

Director Matthew Vaughn’s name has been thrown around as a likely candidate to fill the director’s chair of the new Star Wars movie, and actor Harrison Ford is “open to the idea” of taking up the role of Han Solo again,. The new Star Wars movie is due in theaters in 2015, and that isn’t much time to get this production going if Disney wants to meet the 2015 deadline. We expect to hear an announcement of a screenwriter and director for the new Star Wars movie project soon.

Brad Bird would be a good choice for the new Star Wars director. His movies are well paced, funny, heartfelt, and action packed. This is exactly what you need from a director to make a successful Star Wars movie. It feels like Disney will stay in-house before looking elsewhere for a director, but maybe what the series needs is a young visionary and not an established auteur.

Look for #GiveItToBradBird on Twitter to read the buzz around the Pixar alumni.