Bryan Singer’s Sci-Fi Web Series Will Change The Way We Watch TV

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

The future of cable TV is a mystery. At the moment, more and more Americans are relying on Internet streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon to get their daily dose of news and entertainment. So how is Hollywood catering to this growing trend of cord-cutters? Warner Bros. and director Bryan Singer (X-MenThe Usual Suspects) have developed a sci-fi web series titled H+ exclusively for YouTube.

Bryan Singer wanted to create original content for the largest audience available, which is why he wanted to produce a web series for YouTube instead of going the traditional route of producing for cable or network TV. He believes H+ will give an audience a chance to interact with a series in a new way, while at the same time, making them feel free to consume it in any way they want.

H+ will debut on August 8th. The first six episodes will be released within the first two weeks of its premiere, with two episodes being released every week after that. There will be 48 episodes in total with each episode running about 8 minutes. One of the impressive aspects of staggering the episodes is it gives the audience a chance to rearrange them and find hidden clues to unlock mysteries. The creators of H+ actually encourage their audience to watch the series this way.

The web series will follow a group of people with a microcomputer implant inside of them. This implant will give them 24 hours of access to the Internet through their eyes instead of a computer display, but when a mysterious virus attacks their computer implants, the world must cope and survive after this disastrous event. The creators of the series said the cast would be made up of international actors that they believe will give the series worldwide appeal.

If this series is a success then hopefully we’ll be seeing more web series like H+ catering to cord-cutters and an online global audience. The trailer for the web series is impressive and showcases its high production value.

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