Bryan Singer’s BSG Movie May Exist In The Same Universe As The Most Recent TV Series

By Will LeBlanc | 10 years ago

What writer Ron Moore did with the recent Battlestar Galactica series was monumental. Not only did he rejuvenate a series whose previous incarnation was a little too bogged down by 1970’s tech and Star Wars references for its own good, but he somehow managed to craft a science fiction show with huge depth and amazing effects on a shoestring budget and insert it onto the fringes of the mainstream. If you haven’t seen it, find your way over to Netflix and get started.

Now that the series is over though, fans have been looking for their BSG fix and they’re about to get it. Bryan Singer has long been toying with the idea of directing a film using the BSG moniker, and the project is finally getting off its feet. We learned recently that Singer’s Excalibur project is dead, leaving him open to do his BSG film next. And the day after that, we learned that Anonymous writer John Orloff would be at the pen.

Orloff recently spoke with HitFix about the project and alluded to the fact that his movie won’t undo anything that has been done by the Ron Moore series. In fact, he’s hoping the two project can coexist in the same space.

I’m a huge fan of the original series and of the second show, too. But I always thought the first show was a little too heavily reliant on ‘Star Wars,’ you know? Whereas I think the second show was really original and really cool. And I think I’ve come up with a way to write this movie that won’t fuck any of that up. I’m not sure how much they want me to talk about it. Let’s just say it’s not what you expect. It will all work in the universe that exists. It will not conflict with anything Ron Moore has done. I don’t think you can compete with what he’s done.

This is good news for a lot of reasons. First, everyone loves Moore’s BSG series so having this take place in the same universe means that we may see glimpses of the series throughout. Second, knowing that someone with this much love for the Moore series is behind the story this time around should help calm fans’ nerves about their precious series being trampled.

There’s still a long way to go before Singer’s BSG really gets trucking, but hearing great news like this is always a plus this early on. Stick around for more news as it comes to us.