Bryan Singer On Whether He Would Ever Direct A Star Trek Film

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


With the water still trickling down from the Enterprise’s massive water “landing” in Star Trek Into Darkness, talking about possible directors for the next sequel are in full effect. In all honesty, they’ve been in full effect for quite a while now, considering very few films are made without the full trilogy in mind. Whatever role J.J. Abrams plays in it, Star Wars: Episode VII will almost certainly hinder his direct involvement, regardless of what he’s saying now.

When you think about tentpole films like Star Trek 3 will be, Bryan Singer’s name immediately springs to mind. He’s currently busy making X-Men: Days of Futures Past, but that production won’t last forever. The Danish website Filmz recently asked Singer about his feelings about possibly taking over the franchise at some point, and he was predictably hesitant to saying anything concrete.

“Yeah, well right now that’s something J.J. is so involved in, so I don’t know,” Singer responded. “I worry about it only in the sense that J.J. was not a huge Star Trek fan. So he was able to go into it much the way I went into X-Men, where I was not a huge X-Men fan. So you kinda make it your own and give it to a broader audience.” Well, if making movies about things you aren’t a fan of is the way to go, I’ll be going into production on my Adam Sandler biography shortly.

Singer goes on to say he would want to “make sure that if I ever did something like a Star Trek or a Star Wars film, that I was able to pull away from it and actually celebrate its strengths but at the same time not get too caught up in my ‘fanship’ over it. That would be my one thing that I’d caution myself on.” Singer, of course, isn’t ruling it out entirely, saying “It’s one thing when you jump back into your own franchise like X-Men. When you jump into someone else’s franchise…it’s a big question you have to ask yourself.” We already know what the question is, Bryan. We just want to know the answer. I really don’t think he’ll be filling Abrams’ shoes for this sequel, but we hope whoever does get the job is of a similarly high pedigree.

Filmz also put together this crazy-ass video as a tribute to Abrams, which features a guy who has to come up with a rap in three minutes in order to get a meeting with J.J. himself. Stunts, Tom Cruise, and terrible rhymes ensue.

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