Bryan Singer Brings You The Next Apocalypse With H+

By Brian Williams | 8 years ago

It’s Friday, that must mean its time for another apocalyptic story about the evils of technology. In Bryan Singer’s new digital media series H+, it’s the internet that does us in this time. Well, at least its not zombies.

In this new series, H+ is a technology that allows your brain to be plugged into the internet 24 hours a day, letting you see the world in an augmented reality similar to what we’ve seen in Google’s Project Glass videos, except instead of being a pair of goofy looking glasses, it’s inside your head. This leads to all sorts of new social interactions and a new way of seeing the world until something goes horribly wrong. Yep, you guessed it, H+ kills everyone who had it installed, about 33% of the world’s population.

Even though audiences are understandably getting a little apocalypse weary at this point (or maybe that’s just me), this could be a pretty interesting concept for a series. The description of the series on H+’s facebook page suggests that the meat of the story will revolve around how society reacts politically and socially to the disaster, which could be a unique take. The 33% of the population that would die in such a disaster would undoubtedly be mostly in first world countries. In a world like that, third world nations would all of a sudden find themselves as major players in global politics. That would definitely be a change from the whole road warriors fighting over cans of dog food that we’re used to seeing in post-apocalyptic stories. At the very least, it should have fewer mohawks.

The series is set to debut on August 8th, with new episodes every Wednesday on Youtube.

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