Brent Spiner Thinks Next Generation Will Be The Next Star Trek Reboot

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

J.J. Abrams blew up the sci-fi world in 2009 when he rebooted Star Trek in spectacular fashion, managing to bring new fans to the series and win over old fans alike. Now that it’s getting sequelized, there’s some chatter about what Star Trek series will be rebooted next: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, or Voyager?

In what is probably a slightly biased interview with Trek Movie, Brent Spiner, who you all know as Data, thinks TNG is the next logical step for the series to take.

I do think it is likely they will reboot Next Generation some day. I don’t see Star Trek ever ending. I think it would be better if they went further into the future, past where we did or the original series or Voyager or Deep Space or any of them, and continues the saga. I am not that keen on going backwards because then it becomes history instead of the future.

Of course as a star of that series his opinion may be a bit slanted, but it really does make sense for that to happen next after Abrams’ series has had its run. It was the next series after the original, and there were even crossover episodes between the series, so why not make that the next stop in the rebootathon?

While this idea is all well and good, maybe it’s time to start coming up with some new ideas. Is no one interested to see an entirely new Star Trek idea bloom into a franchise rather than just repurposing old ones? Sure, Abrams’ Star Trek took us all by storm and that franchise is set for quite some time based on the youth of the cast and the film’s original success, but why not write some original content? This sort of boot-think (I made that word up, but I’m going to keep using it) is exactly the issue with Hollywood. This looks like the beginning of a world where Star Trek movies are released like Call of Duty games. There’s one every year, but the releases alternate from two competing franchises. It’s created a messy oversaturation of the market and Star Trek doesn’t need to be part of it.

Where are the long time Trek fans at? This is a contentious issue. How would you feel about multiple Star Trek universes being explored simultaneously, and would you rather see that than some new, ORIGINAL Trek content? Sound off in the comments below.