This Breaking Bad/Walking Dead Mashup Suggests Meth Started The Zombie Apocalypse

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

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Cable network AMC has two of the hottest TV shows currently on television. To celebrate the end of Breaking Bad this Sunday, and the beginning of The Walking Dead in a two weeks, the good people at College Humor put together a mash-up video that offers one explanation for the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Apparently, in this universe, Heisenberg’s candy-blue meth from Breaking Bad caused the dead to rise.

After premiering in 2008, Breaking Bad grew from a critically acclaimed drama with low ratings to the height of popular and cultural significance in the span of five years. Two parts of the success are the compelling drama of a high school chemistry teacher becoming the biggest drug kingpin in the southwest and the Internet streaming service Netflix. For the first time in TV history, viewers could catch up with a show without waiting for DVDs to hit store shelves, they could just binge watch.

Alternatively, AMC’s The Walking Dead has been a draw for TV viewers since day one in 2010. Watching people cope with hungry zombie tantalized audiences with blood, gore, and the unexpected. While The Walking Dead’s drama isn’t as compelling or enthralling as Breaking Bad’s, both shows deserve a seat at the pop culture dinner table. So it makes sense for College Humor to throw the two shows together.

The video itself is structured well. You can easily see how Heisenberg’s meth turned people into zombies and started to take over the world. It’s great when Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) explains that it’s zombies, while Badger (Matt Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) take giddy pleasure in re-killing the undead. It’s an almost seamless mash-up.

Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead (along with Mad Men) have placed AMC at the top of the TV pile. After Breaking Bad ends its series run, it seems like the cable network is struggling to find new and compelling TV shows. There’s an spinoff based on Saul Goodman called Better Call Saul in the works, while The Walking Dead is also dabbling in the spinoff business with a new “ companion” series. You feel like they’re running out of ideas.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead released new episode titles and images from its new season. The TV show is in serious danger of spinning its wheels if it doesn’t raise the stakes of its premise or put its characters in more interesting and morally questionable situations. Let’s hope season four makes that turn for the better.

The Walking Dead returns for season four on October 13, while Breaking Bad comes to an end on September 29.