Brad Pitt Lets Fly In This World War Z Poster

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago


For good or ill, Brad Pitt’s zombie actioner World War Z is going to swarm theaters on June 21st. A new poster gives you a glimpse of the mayhem caused by a worldwide undead pandemic.

This latest one sheet shows Pitt’s character, a U.N. worker named Gerry Lane, looking down on a devastated city engulfed in flames and chaos. Though he’s supposed to be deeply affected by what he witnesses, you can’t help but ask the question: is he peeing? Because it looks a little like he’s taking a whiz. That’s no way to put out the fires, there are far too many of them, and I don’t care how big your bladder is, it isn’t that big. It doesn’t even look like he’s trying to save the world; he’s just watching it burn.

World War Z is a puzzling property. Based on Max Brooks’ novel, which I loved, the production has been hounded by problem after problem, including months of reshoots after principal photography wrapped up. Add source material that, at first glance, appears unfilmable, and it all starts to look like trouble.

But if the recent official trailer is to be believed, the movie may very well be pretty damn awesome. There’s still a while to go until World War Z opens, so Paramount has some time to convince us that this is worth seeing. While the last poster was solid, but this one isn’t really doing it. Like every other film released this year, they take a whack at the back-to-the-camera pose. We’ve seen it before. It’s remarkably similar to the Star Trek Into Darkness poster that shows Benedict Cumberbatch, backside towards you, observing the ruins of a city.

This isn’t the greatest bit of marketing, but it is far from the worst. Until their next attempt to sell you on their film, take another look at the trailer.