Yet Another Bleak Promo For The Walking Dead’s Return

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Just in case you hadn’t heard that The Walking Dead is coming back on February 10th, AMC is going to make damn sure that you know the hit zombie drama will finish up season three. After all, the way the midseason finale left our bruised-but-not-beaten band of survivors, there is a whole lot of unfinished business to attend to. All of this is on full display in the latest of many, many promos for the upcoming episode, “The Suicide King.”

The first half of season three was a fast-paced roller coaster. We lost long-time companions along the way, picked up a handful of new characters, there have been some shocking revelations, and from all appearances, we’re in for more of the same moving forward.

The survivors’ situation is increasingly dire. Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) sanity is hanging by the most tenuous thread, and even Carl, (Chandler Riggs), his own son, questions his leadership ability. To make matters worse, after the debacle at Woodbury, the Governor (David Morrissey) and company are breathing down their necks.

Much of this season has been a preamble, a build-up until the moment where Rick and the Governor finally meet face to face. In Robert Kirkman’s comics, this encounter drastically changes the future of the group, and Rick in particular. Nothing will ever be the same for them after this, and their physical survival, as well as their humanity, hangs in the balance. Rick is going to have to pull something out of his ass if they’re going to make it through even partially intact. Many of us are pretty pumped up to see this rendered on our TV screens.

As Rick says, “We’re going to war.”