Blair Witch Co-Creator Working On Found-Footage Bigfoot Pic

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

You would think the found-footage genre would have finally earned a much-needed break after reaching its nadir with films such as Apollo 18 and The Devil Inside. Sure, things occasionally get a shot in the arm with some surprisingly awesome movie like Chronicle, but for the most part all the things that made found-footage filmmaking seem fresh and exciting a decade ago now just feel stale and tired. Sadly, the fact that these flicks are usually comparatively cheap and continue to make money means we haven’t seen the last of them. The latest to come down the pike? A found-footage look at Bigfoot.

It’s kind of surprising that it took this long, really. The found-footage genre relies on replicating a low-tech, amateurish shooting style, and that pretty well describes most of the so-called Bigfoot footage floating around out there. It’s a perfect melding of style and subject matter. So, who is behind this new found-footage experiment? None other than Eduardo Sanchez, one half of the team that reinvigorated the genre with The Blair Witch Project back in 1999. We’ve officially come full circle.

Sanchez is teaming with frequent collaborator Jamie Nash on Exists, a horror-thriller about a group of friends who are stalked by Sasquatch during a Texas camping trip. According to Variety, the campers will be played by Dora Madison Burge, Samuel Davis, Roger Edwards, Chris Osborn, and Denise Williamson. Four of the five actors had roles of varying size in the excellent Friday Night Lights series (Davis is the odd man out).

As for Bigfoot himself, he’ll be played by Brian Steele, a 6’7″ actor who has appeared in costume as various critters in movies such as Predators, Terminator Salvation, and the Hellboy movies. He’s even got Sasquatch experience, having played the titular Harry in the 1993 TV spinoff of Harry and the Hendersons. Presumably this role will be less family-friendly than that one…

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