New Blade Runner Is A Sequel Without Harrison Ford

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

After spending the past few years making movies everyone was sort of ambivalent about, Ridley Scott is in the process of revisiting all the stuff in his career that people actually liked. Right now he’s working on Prometheus, a pseudo-prequel to Alien, and when he’s done with that work starts on another Blade Runner film.

What we haven’t known till now is whether that new Blade Runner will be a remake or another movie set in the same universe. Good news for anyone sick of remakes, Ridley Scott just confirmed to WSJ that it’s a sequel.

Actually what he said is that it’s “liable to be a sequel” which leaves him some wiggle room and indicates this project hasn’t really taken a specific shape yet. This new Blade Runner is still a long, long way off. It’s not likely to show up in theaters any time before the year 2014.

When it does show up, even though it’s a sequel, it probably won’t involve any of the actors from the original film. When asked if Harrison Ford would be back as Decker, Scott said rather coonfusingly: “No, not really.” Not really could mean anything, maybe flashbacks or something, but probably means Harrison Ford won’t actually be on the set of the new movie at any point. Right now, they’re still trying to find someone to write it. The movie doesn’t have a script, just a director looking to cash in on his past successes with a series of followups

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