Black Mirror: 5 Filmmakers Who Need To Make The U.S. Version

By Nick Venable | 5 years ago

charlie brooker
Charlie Brooker

Why try to reinvent the wheel when the guy who did it first is still there and rolling around? Now, Charlie Brooker has been taking his time getting a third series of Black Mirror episodes out in the U.K., essentially giving fans a condensed version in the disturbingly great Christmas special last December, but creating something for American television is a completely different process. Part of my fear in seeing Black Mirror get spun for U.S. audiences is that whoever makes it will just rehash some of the stories that Brooker has already told. We can nip that in the bud easily by dumping a ton of money on Brooker himself to come up with more original stories. Our addiction-based culture seems like it would give him more than enough fodder for a new set of episodes.

Who do you guys want to see taking over Black Mirror on American shores?

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