Black Mirror: 5 Filmmakers Who Need To Make The U.S. Version

By Nick Venable | 5 years ago

david cronenberg
David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg got his start in TV movies and has directed a couple of series episodes here and there. He also got his start creating some of the most disturbing and memorable sci-fi and body horror that the world has ever known, with The Fly and Videodrome standing out as films no one else but Cronenberg could have made. But he left all that behind, with 1999’s eXistenZ being his last true genre effort. What better way to get him back into the fold than with a TV series that allows him to go back to that era of technological cautionary tales to mine more nightmarish scenarios? Hell, I’d even take a version of Black Mirror that was created as if it was a 1989 series, with episodes about how VCRs and Walkmans are part of society’s degradation.

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