Black Mirror: 5 Filmmakers Who Need To Make The U.S. Version

By Nick Venable | 5 years ago

j michael stracsynski
J. Michael Straczynski

J. Michael Straczynski may be most lauded for bringing the classic Babylon 5 to sci-fi fans the world over, but he’s worked on everything from The Real Ghostbusters to the Twilight Zone reboot of the 1980s to the upcoming Netflix series Sense8 with the Wachowskis. Not to mention his non-screen career writing novels, short stories, and comic books. Straczynski knows short-form storytelling, and he knows how to make it interesting. Of the people on this list, he’s the one most in tune with general sci-fi, and I don’t think I’d be opposed to seeing Black Mirror‘s worldview get expanded beyond just the super-near-future that the series centers on. So long as he largely avoids ironic last-second endings—we don’t want Rod Serling to spin in his grave if this iteration of the remake comes to light.

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