Black Mirror: 5 Filmmakers Who Need To Make The U.S. Version

By Nick Venable | 5 years ago

bryan fuller
Bryan Fuller

Known for working on such imaginatively funny and fantasy-like series such as Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me—along with an early stint on Star Trek: Voyager—Bryan Fuller came into his own both critically and commercially with NBC’s Hannibal, a take on Thomas Harris’ iconic cannibal that rivals even Silence of the Lambs for superiority. Fuller knows what it’s like to bring light from darkness and darkness from light, and is in tune with how to best capture mental metaphors through haunting imagery. Considering his shows are usually short-lived, it seems likely that he has a ton of ideas swirling around in his head, many of which would probably make skin-twitchingly dense episodes of Black Mirror. Of course, Fuller is also currently developing the pilot for Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, so maybe I’m asking too much of his genius.

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