Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek Role Revealed And Nimoy Will Be Back As Spock

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

This is probably a pretty big spoiler, so if you don’t want to know anything about the next Star Trek movie, you may want to stop reading right now. On the other hand if you’re looking for a really good reason to skip it entirely, read on.


It has now been confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch is indeed playing Khan Noonien Singh in the next Star Trek movie. This has been widely rumored since the beginning of the film’s production but when confronted with fan outrage over this creatively bankrupt decision, JJ Abrams (as he often does in these situations) flat out lied and said the whole thing was a false. Well it’s not.

The story has been confirmed by Trek Movie where they also discovered that we’ve been lied to about Leonard Nimoy’s involvement in the film. Everyone has been adamant that Nimoy will not return to reprise his role as Spock, but various sources have now confirmed that Nimoy is in. Even Leonard has sort of confirmed it, tweeting that he’s been spending time with JJ Abrams and replacement Spock Zachary Quinto.

Having Nimoy back is great, but obviously, remaking Khan is not. It seems useless at this point to launch into another explanation of why doing Khan is such a horrible idea. You either get it or you don’t. Abrams, clearly doesn’t. We’ve been over this. The whole point of rebooting Star Trek in 2009 was so that they could tell new and exciting stories without the burden of existing cannon, but now they’re simply using the rebooted universe as an excuse to reuse characters that have already been done. If you’re as pissed off about this as we are, I suggest fueling up your rage on this article from our archives.

We don’t know exactly how they’ll use Khan in this new, knockoff story. Apparently he has somehow transformed from an Indian character into the world’s whitest white guy. This story won’t be a retelling of the original series episode “Space Seed” which was Khan’s first appearance in the Trek universe. Since this timeline is also set many years before the events of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, presumably they won’t be simply redoing that story either… though don’t put it past them to do that in some future sequel. After all it seems clear that they aren’t ever going to, you know, come up with anything on their own.

It’s a dark, dark day for Star Trek. The franchise that used to be about exciting new ideas is officially cashing in on the name recognition of well-known characters to get your dollars. Maybe it’ll be fun but I’m not sure it’s still really Star Trek.

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