Benedict Cumberbatch Has Never Heard Of Botany Bay… Or Has He?

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Here’s a weird addendum to the confirmation we got yesterday that Benedict Cuberbatch will be playing…


Khan in the next Star Trek movie. In a recent interview with MTV he acted like he’d never heard of the Botany Bay. Watch the interview and we’ll talk afterward…

If Benedict Cumberbatch really is playing Khan in Star Trek: The Next then there’s almost no way he wouldn’t know what the Botany Bay is. It should be in the script since, while much has been changed by the new timeline, Khan’s backstory would be unaffected. During the events of the 2009 movie Khan would still be out there, somewhere, floating around unconcious in a ship named the Botany Bay. In order for him to show up in this new movie, they’d have to actually go pick him up and get him out of the Botany Bay, which makes it seem pretty impossible that the words Botany Bay aren’t clearly written in his script somewhere.

What’s not entirely clear, though, is if Cumberbatch is merely joking. Early on in the interview it’s clear that he’s having a laugh, but towards the end when the Botany Bay question comes up he seems deadly serious. Now maybe he’s just playing coy and trying to throw us all off, but what if he isn’t?

Maybe I’m just grasping at straws because I so desperately don’t want this movie to involve Khan. Maybe this is nothing. What do you think?