Behold, Russian Meteorite: The Movie!

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago


Watching that meteorite soar through the sky over Russia last week was like something out of a movie. We’ve all heard that completely spot-on comparison many, many times in the days since. More than just the simple fact that this happened, one of the coolest parts is how many different angles and perspectives the event was filmed from.

We live in a day and age where anything even remotely noteworthy is captured and preserved on video. Something like a fireball burning in the heavens, you can bet your ass that everyone with a smartphone is going to film that bad boy.

So there’s a glut of video of the Russian meteorite. Filmmaker Nathan Fackrell combed through all of it, picked out the bits he likes the best, cut them together, laid some intense string music over the top of it all, and created maybe the best fake trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist since you first laid eyes on the teaser for Hobo with a Shotgun. Behold, Russian Meteorite: The Movie.

This is my new favorite thing.

Doesn’t this feel like you’re watching an actual trailer? The video starts out innocently enough, just a car driving down a snowy, isolated country road. Scenery zips past, but you can tell from the music that something is about to happen. Then, sure enough, something does. A flash in the sky, a fireball streaking towards civilization, the general populace blissfully unaware that their lives are about to be thrown into chaos.

If this was a real movie, Bruce Willis would save the day by flying a plane into the meteorite before it touches down, nobly sacrificing himself to bounce the projectile back out into space, or some shit like that. You can also imagine, after the impact, a giant robot or stories-tall monster emerging from a smoldering crater. Then it becomes a whole different movie.

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