Behold Banthapug

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

What’s the point of having pets if you don’t dress them up, both for their humiliation and your own amusement? These days you can buy a costume for your dog in almost any shape, style, and character that you can imagine, and not just for small dogs anymore. There are wooly mammoth outfits, full body killer whale garments, and even celebrities, from enduring icons like Marylyn Monroe, to present day pop stars like Katy Perry (seriously, it comes complete with ample cleavage, and is terrifying to behold).

As you can imagine, there are also a near endless supply of science fiction themed costumes as well. Some fanatics, however, aren’t entirely satisfied with the current catalog of commercially available options, and choose to extend their cosplay leanings to their pet costumes. Case in point, Banthapug. It’s best just to let you watch the video below and see for yourself what exactly this entails.

This pug, who is named Chubbs—and has her own Facebook page for you to like—cuts quite the figure, bounding through the deserts of Tattooine, snorting and panting the whole time. Watch this video enough times and it may keep you occupied until 2015, when we finally get our hands on Star Wars: Episode VII from Disney.

You may have guessed it from how comfortable she looks in costume, but this ain’t Chubbs’ first rodeo. Last year, presumably for Halloween (or maybe just because), Chubbs went as Wampug. Based out of the ice world Hoth, she better have dressed warm for that one.

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