Behold The AT-AT Bike

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

We’ve seen a lot of cosplay projects over the decades of modern fandom, ranging from the impressively detailed to the surprisingly naked. The recent Star Wars vs. Star Trek Pedalpalooza event in Portland, Oregon was a rallying cry for fans of both franchises to get creative in coming up with costumes that were compatible with a friendly little bike ride. I don’t know if anybody’s handing out prizes for the costumes or not, but if so somebody should probably throw one in the general direction of the guys pedaling a two-man, articulated AT-AT walker contraption. It’s a clever design executed well, but I just hope there weren’t any vengeful Trekkers armed with a towline nearby.

Pedalpalooza is an annual, three-week event consisting of hundreds of different events. In addition to the Star Wars vs. Star Trek ride, this year’s Pedalpalooza totaled out at 293 different events, including other outings such as a Doctor Who ride, a G.I. Joe vs. Strawberry Shortcake ride, and something bearing the terrifying name of “Skirts ‘n’ Merkins.”