Beer Guzzling Zombies Stalk The Band Red Fang In Their Latest Video

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Portland heavy metal band Red Fang are known for creating songs that infuse chunky guitar riffs with agreeable stoner grooves that are almost impossible to dislike if you’re a rock fan in general. But the band is arguably more famous for the fun and ridiculously over-the-top music videos they put out with their singles. And they’ve nearly upped the ante with their latest video for “Blood Like Cream,” which features a unique spin on zombie culture. These walking deadbeats aren’t at all interested in eating people’s brains or flesh. They want all the beer. Nooooo!!!

That news is delivered by former Saturday Night Live star Fred Armisen, who has his own ties to Portland for co-creating the IFC sketch comedy Portlandia. Sadly, the comic actor doesn’t make it to the end of the video, as he falls victim to a beer guzzling zombie, who pulls a can of Tecate through Armisen’s punctured stomach. If it isn’t the best death in music video history, it’s as close as possible.

Red Fang is a band that wears their drinking preferences on their sleeve, and it’s hard to imagine any greater amount of product placement happening in the world at any given moment. I personally think Pabst Blue Ribbon and Tecate are two of the worst beers in existence, and couldn’t imagine anyone fighting to save them, but it makes for quite a violently entertaining video.

Like the perfect smash-em-up of Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End with none of the budget, “Blood Like Cream” should inspire zombie filmmakers to add a breath of stinky-fresh air to the genre by giving their monsters different motivations. I love the plan of filling a keg with grain alcohol and blowing the zombies into a million bloody bits. How is it that these guys have come up with a fairly original concept when The Walking Dead and a million zombie movies can barely go five minutes without offering up a scenario that we’ve seen time and time again. If you don’t want to get eaten by zombies, just throw beer at the guy whose truck you just stole. That’s a rule to live by.

This caps off a fairly strong year in sci-fi music videos, and continues the band’s awesome streak. Check out their latest album Whales and Leaches, but in the meantime you can watch the band completely destroy a car and a bunch of watermelons in their video for “Wires” below.