Beeee Gooood…And You Could Own A Light-Up E.T. Hand Replica

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Stroll the dealer’s floor at any decent-sized convention and you’ll find yourself amazed not just at the sheer breadth of bizarre merchandise available, but at the fact that there’s somebody out there willing to drop cold, hard cash on just about any item, regardless of how odd. Case in point? This wearable light-up replica E.T. hand, available this April from Neca. I glance at that photo, have a little chuckle, and would then otherwise go about my business. But no, I need to post about this because somewhere out there, right now, at least one of you is thinking “OMG MUST HAVE!!!”

Yes, for a mere $19.99, you too can have the hand of an extra-terrestrial, or possibly a really old man who lost a finger during the war. Quite frankly the thing looks more creepy than anything else, although I would like to have one on hand for anytime one of my friends injures themselves while doing something stupid/and or drunk. The irritation factor of following them around pointing and going “Ouuuuuccchhh” would be worth the purchase price alone.

Here’s the official product description, which appears to have been written by someone with only a passing familiarity with the English language (perhaps E.T. himself):

‘Ouch!’ Now, you can ease someone else’s pain using this awesome E.T. Hand with Light-Up Finger Prop Replica! A 4-fingered glove that can fit most adult hands, this glove features an adjustable strap and even has battery activated light up finger tip! With incredible detail, this glove looks exactly like E.T.’s hand from the E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial movie, with the finger tip lighting up with pressed. It’s great, buy yours today!