A Bearded Jason Momoa Infects A Woman In Space For Eerie First Debug Preview

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

In space, nothing can hear you scream. But what about explode into a huge mess of blood and guts? Can anybody hear that? That’s not necessarily the question at the heart of the upcoming thriller Debug, but it’s one I’ll ask anyway. Above is our first look at the film, directed by Stargate: Atlantis star David Hewlitt, and it eschews all the spoiler-heavy weight of theatrical trailers and just gives us the first three minutes of the film. And while not a lot happens here, it makes me far less cautious about this flick than I was before watching.

In the preview, actress Tenika Davis is seen via glitchy surveillance cameras in a small room, presumably aboard some kind of spacecraft. She somehow hacks her way out of there and enters a hallway without any clear indicators of where she’s going. (Can you imagine how much that electric bill would cost with all that hallway lighting?) She runs around in her underwear for a minute while lights begin shutting off, and it’s then she gets severely frightened of what ends up being Jason Momoa in a silver suit with a gray stripe in his hair. He says, “Let’s see what you’re made of,” and then does something bad to her.

The next thing you know, he’s disappeared and she starts screaming, which lasts right up until she erupts in a spray of blood. That kind of thing always seems to happen right after somebody mopped.

Clean-up on Hallway XG-65-LURS inside the East Rotator.
So where does this scene fit in with the rest of the movie? Debug does indeed take place in deep space on a derelict space freighter, and centers on a half-dozen young incarcerated hackers who are on a work release program focused on debugging the freighter’s outdated computer systems. Of course, the ship itself isn’t all that fond of being cleaned like that, and its vengeful A.I. program comes out to play. (Enter Silver Momoa.) As the team is forced into a mental battle with the HAL-like program, they realize that the ship they’re on is actually harboring a secret that could expose an outcome even worse than death. I’m really looking forward to this thing, with the blind hope that it resembles the insanity of Event Horizon. Spontaneous human explosions in the first three minutes are a good sign.

Also written by Hewlitt, Debug co-stars Jeananne Goossen, Allison Brennan, Nathaniel Bacon, Adam Butcher, Sidney Leeder and more. Currently seeking U.S. distribution, Debug will make its world premiere in the U.K. on November 3.