Battlestar Galactica’s Number Six Gets The Spotlight In New Comic Series

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

Ron Moore’s acclaimed Battlestar Galactica may have been off the air for five years now, but it’s the sort of influential show that we’ll still be talking about for years to come. Well, today we’ve got a little more to talk about, as the universe of the Syfy reboot is returning with the five-issue comic series Battlestar Galactica: Six. As you might guess from that title, it focuses on the origins of the show’s most memorable Cylon, the stunning Number Six, played memorably by Tricia Helfer.


Written by J.T. Krul, with art by Jenny Frison, and covers by Chris Bolson, Battlestar Galactica: Six #1 hits comic shelves and digital retailers today, published by Dynamite Entertainment. Krul is a comics vet with years of experience under his belt, including work on Fathom and DC’s New 52 reboots of Green Arrow and Captain Atom.

Here’s the official synopsis, and you can check out several preview pages from Bleeding Cool in the gallery below:

Don’t miss this exciting chapter in Battlestar Galactica lore as the early origins of Number Six are explored. In developing the next generation of Cylons, getting the models to look human was the easy part. But acting human is another story. Witness the evolution of Number Six as she learns to live, to love, and to hate.

It’s a busy day for Tricia Helfer news. Not only are we getting more of her in illustrated form thanks to Battlestar Galactica: Six, but she’s just been announced for a major role in one of Syfy’s recently announced new science fiction projects (and there have been a lot of them lately). She’ll be playing one of the female leads in the upcoming Syfy miniseries Ascension, which is set to debut this fall. Here’s the logline for that project:

In 1963, the U.S. government launched a covert space mission sending hundreds of men, women and children on a century-long voyage aboard the starship Ascension to populate a new world. Nearly 50 years into the journey, as they approach the point of no return, a mysterious murder of a young woman causes the ship’s population to question the true nature of their mission.

As for Battlestar Galactica, Moore’s vision may be living on in the comics, but it’s about to get a fresh start on the big screen. Earlier this month Variety reported that Universal had hired Transcendence screenwriter Jack Paglen to script a Battlestar Galactica reboot feature film. That news might have been more exciting before we actually sat through Transcendence. So say we blah.

You can grab a digital copy of Battlestar Galactica: Six #1 over at Comixology.

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