What If Battlestar Galactica Was An Old-School NES Role-Playing Game?

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

While I’m not crazy about the remake/reboot trend, sometimes it works out. Sometimes it takes a John Carpenter to look at The Thing from Another World and give us two hours of bleak, paranoid, Kurt Russel-y goodness with The Thing. All due respect to The Duke, but I’ll take the Coens’ version of True Grit any day. And is there any question, unless you’re a lifetime member of the Glen Larson fan club, that Ron Moore’s version of Battlestar Galactica is better than the Star Wars wannabe original series? Sure, it had its problems, and that ending is one of the most controversial this side of Lost, but it was still smart, imaginative, humanistic science fiction the likes of which we rarely see on TV these days.

So, of course, now Hollywood wants to remake it again, this time as a big-screen movie. This big-screen version may or may not have any ties to Moore’s excellent series, but I still have to wonder: if you’re going to return to the well this soon, why not try something a little bolder? Making a movie is just so obvious. Why not explore other media? Why not remake the series as, say, an NES-style role-playing game?

Warning: Spoilers if you haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica

Yes, the smartasses over at College Humor have taken us all the way through BSG‘s four-season run in fine eight-bit style. That would be funny in and of itself, but they also work in several good-natured digs at the show’s more contentious elements, such as the way things were all wrapped up and the show’s game of “Who Wants to be a Secret Cylon?”

Aside from giving me a good chuckle, this vid made me: 1) realize that it’s time to rewatch the show, and 2) immediately search YouTube to find the “Kara remembers” piano scene. That frakkin’ music, man!

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