Battleship Sinks At The US Box Office But Makes Huge Money Overseas

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The numbers are in and to no one’s surprise Battleship, the alien invasion sci-fi movie inspired by the Milton Bradley board game which has nothing to do with aliens, is a huge box office flop… but only in the United States.

In the USA where we’re often accused of being too dumb to know what’s good, Americans wisely avoided this sci-fi disaster in favor of seeing The Avengers. Battleship only opened at #2 with a meager $25 million which, in the past, might have sent a clear message to Hollywood. It might have let them know that this kind of watered down, shooting aliens only because it won’t offend anyone, science fiction isn’t worth doing anymore. But it won’t.

Instead the message Hollywood got this weekend was that movies like Battleship are still a cash-cow. They’ll get that message because even though the film was a total failure to earn in the United States it’s wildly popular overseas. So popular that they’ve already made their entire $209 million budget back. Sure Battleship has only made $25 million in the United States and likely won’t last in movie theaters more than a couple of weeks, but everywhere else in the world audiences are showing up to see it in droves. It’s made over $215 million dollars.

So maybe it’s time to start shifting the blame for Hollywood’s behavior from American stupidity to international ignorance. In particular someone needs to sit down and have a talk with Russia, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. They’ve been Battleship’s biggest supporters.

Don’t be surprised if, even though no one in the United States wants to see it, Battleship 2 gets greeenlit.