Battleship Attempts To Explain Itself With A New Featurette

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

In theory Battleship is supposed to be based on the Milton Bradley board game of the same name. In practice the only similarity between the movie and the game seems to be the font they’ve used on the title. Actually it kind of looks like a seafaring Transformers ripoff… or is it just another generic aliens attacking Earth movie?

Let’s give it another shot to make sense. Here’s a new Battleship featurette…

Am I the only one sick of “save the planet” being the plot of every other movie released by Hollywood? It is possible to make an action movie in which the stakes are more personal, you know. It’s also possible to make one without aliens in it, though you’d never know it judging from the movies being released every summer.

Aliens have been overused to the point of exhaustion and this featurette does nothing to make Battleship look any different than all the other recent movies about alien attacks that have gone so horribly wrong. At least that’s how it looks from where I stand. Fire off your own shots at director Peter Berg in the comments below.