Barney Stinson Introduces The Ewok Line, Where Do You Fall?

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Last night on How I Met Your Mother Barney Stinson made a presentation wherein he proved that there are two types of people in the world: those who love the Ewoks, and those who hate them. What differentiates the two groups is a moment in time. Barney calls this “The Ewok Line,” and it separates the two groups on May 25, 1973.

Anyone born before that date was already 10 or older when Return of the Jedi released, and is therefore too old to have enjoyed the creatures. Anyone born after that date is young enough to have been reminded of their favorite teddy bear when the Ewoks were introduced.

The full presentation, which was cut short on the show, included a variety of slides depicting all manner of Ewok life; including the anatomy of Ewoks, eating habits, language, and the meaning of tribal garb. You can watch the full slideshow below courtesy of CBS. Be warned Ewok haters, this video uses the Yub Nub song.


  1. Tabithamellor666 says:

    Twaddle. I am a ’66 baby and love Ewoks. I wanted to call my cat Ewok seeing as how it goes brrrp…..

  2. Snowmaiden says:

    76 – thought Ewoks were cute – think I had a little stuffed one at some point when I was little