Barba-Hell-No: Seven Movies That Should Be TV Shows Before Barbarella

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Daybreakers was not that good a movie. What it did have going for it, however, was a brilliantly well-thought-out world. Screenwriter/director siblings Michael and Peter Spierig did a marvelous job extrapolating a world where a global plague has made vampires the majority, with the few remaining humans on the run or farmed for their blood. It was the little details that sold the world, from middle-of-the-night school zones, to “day-proofed” cars, to sprawling wildfires set by vampirized animals who don’t know to take shelter during the sunlight hours.

With a world this richly imagined, there would be no problem finding other stories to tell, whether your protagonists were vampires, humans on the run, or a mixture of both. Vampire hierarchy and society has been explored by everyone from Anne Rice to True Blood to (shudder) Twilight, but I can’t think of a take on the vampire concept that has intrigued me and brimmed with potential as much as Daybreakers does. Vampires are still a hot commodity these days, and the world the Spierig brothers created is too compelling to let stand with one under-seen movie.

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