More Badass Battle Wagons From Mad Max: Fury Road

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Some of us grew up on George Miller’s Mad Max movies. We were full of fantasies about tearing across the post-apocalyptic desert wastes in Max’s Pursuit Special, or one of numerous other battle-ready vehicles. From the look of things, Mad Max: Fury Road, Miller’s long-gestating return to this world, will keep this tradition of customized war-machines alive.

We’ve already seen a bunch of behind the scenes vehicle photos from the Fury Road set in Namibia. They seem to pop up all over the place like mushrooms, and now Ain’t It Cool has put together a new gallery of snapshots to whet our appetite.

There have been a few pics of this massive speaker-laden truck, but its exact purpose remains a mystery. Don’t you want to find out what it’s for? Is there going to be some psychological warfare going on, like when the US blasted Twisted Sister at Noriega?

Here’s a close-up shot of the engine of the speaker truck…

…and one of another supped-up pile of gears. You’ll need a great deal of horsepower after the civilization eats itself.

These brutal, spiky little devils are going to be fun to watch wreak havoc.

This line up of cars creates an imposing presence, doesn’t it? They look like they’re lined up in preparation for one of those big, sweeping helicopter shots where dozens of vehicles speed across the desert, each one kicking up a rooster tail of dust.

This behemoth may be the most photographed vehicle on the Fury Road set, and for good reason, it’s a monster.

But these pictures give a new perspective. We haven’t caught a glimpse of skull-adorned grill yet. This view makes it even more sinister.

And this angle gives us a better look at some of the armor and defensive measures taken on the underbelly of the beast.

Similar photos are sure to keep rolling in as production continues. Mad Max: Fury Road stars Tom Hardy, in the Max role made famous by Mel Gibson, and Charlize Theron with a shaved head, and the action picks up shortly after Beyond Thunderdome, the last installment in the series.

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