Awesome Mass Effect Cosplay Turns Commander Shepard Into A Biotic God

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Science fiction tends to attract really devoted fans. Whether you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek or Firefly or whatever, we love diving into the universe our favorite stories create, and we tend to take a proprietary interest in the worlds and characters that populate them. The BioWare games encouraged that sort of passion more than most, since it let you build your very own version of the protagonist, Commander Shepard, and then let your choices grow and shape your Shepard over the course of three games. And while the “official” Shepard used in most of the game’s marketing was your standard-issue crew-cut military type, many fans think the female version — voiced by the talented Jennifer Hale — is the superior version. So for any FemSheppers out there, here’s some truly impressive Mass Effect cosplay, complete with biotic badassery.


The lady in question is cosplayer Crystal Graziano, who is sporting some damned impressive home-made N7 armor, complete with omni-blade and snazzy biotic effects. And while those last two details are the icing on the cake, I’m mostly impressed with the level of detail on her armor. Here’s Crystals comments on how she crafted the suit: “I made the suit of armor mostly out of foam, but the chest piece I sculpted and cast in urethane rubber. I made the bodysuit from a custom printed lycra with a design I lifted from a render.”

You can see more of Crystal’s work at her website.




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