The Most Awesome Giant Inflatable Chair For Adults

By Brian Williams | 4 years ago

One of the biggest problems for the space-brained adult manchild has to be that sometimes you will see something you absolutely love, but unfortunately it’s only made for children. Thankfully, ThinkGeek has taken this into account and is now releasing that super-awesome inflatable Star Trek Captain’s Chair in a handy adult size. Trekkies rejoice!

Star Trek Inflatable Chairs

If you saw the inflatable Captain’s Chair when it first came out you were probably as heartbroken as I was that the only excuse you could have for buying one was to get it for your kids, if you had them, and even then you would never know the pleasure of sitting in a comfortable and affordable version of the Enterprise’s throne that you could hose off if you ever spilled nacho cheese on it. With ThinkGeek’s new size option, you will now have the opportunity to be the coolest person on the beach when you blow this puppy up to let the sun tickle your SPF 95 sunblock-coated belly and wow the ladies like only Captain Kirk could. That’s right, it may be nerdy, but this plastic reproduction of Captain Kirk’s chair is so incredibly awesome that it will have to make every Trekkie’s must-buy list now.

I imagine that from now on, every midnight premiere of a new Star Trek movie will have at least 20 of these bad boys holding up eager fans outside. Want to have a Star Trek marathon at your house? Clear out the furniture and invite your friends and their Captain’s Chairs over for a visit. Come to think of it, an inflatable Captain’s Chair will not only be great for doing Star Trek-related activities, it will also be a must-have for a little starship simulator game called Artemis we showed off back in August. Why not have a chair fit for a captain when you are drunkenly yelling at your friends to fire photon torpedoes?

Inflatable Chair For Adults

So we have established that the Star Trek inspired inflatable chair is so awesome that it is going to send your butt to a comfort level of 10 at warp speed. But if Star Trek is not your kind of thing, do not worry as I have for you another three pretty darn awesome inflatable chairs for adults that you can check out. I can assure you I gave each one of these a thorough good testing with my butt.

Inflatable Lounger Chair With Portable Carry Bag For Various Uses

So this is actually available in a few different colors. The one I got to check out was blue, but you can get in colors like orange, green and purple. To start with the Just under 30 bucks price is very fair. So for going camping or to some kind of festival, it would be perfect. To inflate, you take it out of the included carry bag (which is a nice bonus) and then run for a few seconds with it, it fills with air and then you attach the clip to seal it all in. There are two inner tubes that you will have to inflate as well, which is a bit of a bummer as this comes with no instructions! So this would be very easy for a person to miss, but inflating these is very important.

So it is easy to set up, but how comfortable is this thing? Well, it is actually very nice as it is made with nylon along the bottom, but the top part you will be laying on has a kind of fabric feel to it. There is a pillow at one end so you can lay back and have a nap. Or you can just sit on it if you want. It is said that this bad boy can take up to 400 lbs! I sat on it with a buddy and it took it and neither of us is what you would call light. So the comfort is pretty nice, they claim that the air will stay in the chair for up to eight hours, but I would say 4 – 6 is a much more realistic idea of how much time you can use this before you have to inflate it again. Apart from the lack of instructions and those two tubes that need inflating. I really liked this, it’s cheap, comfortable and comes with a handy bag so you can deflate it and just toss it in the basement when you are done.

Made very well
Very affordable price
Easy to inflate
Can easily hold up to 400 pounds!

No Instructions at all
Not sure the 8 hour use time is 100 percent accurate

Vroselv Inflatable Lounger and Sofa for Indoor or Outdoor

The next one I got to have a try of is from Vroselv. At around 10 bucks more than the one we just looked at, I do actually think it is worth that extra money and I am going to tell you why. While I do like the blue color that this comes in, does it really need the company logo on one side? So it may not be the nicest looking thing in the world, but it is very functional. It can hold up to 500 lbs and it is actually very long. Long enough for a 6 feet (actually over 6 feet) to lay on and a couple of people can comfortably sit on it. To inflate it, you take it outside and then you have to run with it or run with it for a few seconds. Once filled with air you close it shut. Now make sure close it really tight as the tighter you do the longer it will last. I would say you are looking at around 4 maybe five hours of use before you have to fill it up again.

In terms of comfort, I was very happy with this. I loved how you just sort of sink into the middle and you can forget about the world. I spent a couple of hours napping on this thing in the back garden and I loved it. Which was made easier as it actually comes with a sleeping mask which I thought was a nice touch? As well as this mask, they give you a carry bag and even a little steak so you can secure it to the ground so when you go and take a pee break it does not blow away in the wind. The nylon and soft padding they have used on the top really does make for a very high quality feeling product, but it also feels very nice when you are laying on it as well.

Great size
Can take a lot of weight
Comes with a fantastic accessory kit
Price is very fair

Unlikely you will get 8 hours use out of it like they claim
Very hard to fill with air inside the house (so do not try!)

Kelsyus Chaise Lounger

The last one we have is from Kelsyus and it is currently being sold for around 30 bucks. It is kind of unfair to throw this one in the mix as it is made for the water, but man is this awesome. I have a pretty basic pool in the backyard I had a tremendous time with this. You will have to actually use air to blow it up, but with a pump, it takes just a couple of minutes. It at first feels like any other inflatable chair that you would use in the water, but once you have actually played on this, wow you are in heaven. It is made with some very nice material, the same kind of material that most other inflatables are, but the section where your butt goes is this mesh material. It works very well and stops you butt for going all the way in the water. The leg rest keeps your feet up and stops them from falling asleep.

In all this is the most comfortable water lounger I have ever used. It just feels so good and the mesh butt seat is perfect. It comes with a carry bag and even a theater so if you are using this on the lake (if you are lucky enough to have a boat) you can tether yourself to the boat so you do not float away when you fall asleep. In all just a really nice lounger and if you want something for the water this is perfect. Oh, I almost forgot about one of the best parts, the cup holder! That is right there is a built in cup holder to you can relax with your favorite drink.

Is very, very comfortable
Easy to inflate
Price is fantastic
Bonus cup holder

Only for water
You will not want to get out of it

Things To Consider Before Buying An Inflatable Chair For Adults

Here are just a couple of things to consider before you part with your hard earned money so your butt has a place to rest.

Weight: Always check how much weight the inflatable chair you are looking at can take. The more weight it can take, the stronger it will be.

Watch Out For Kids: I am not talking about making sure your daughter is laying on it before you sit on it! But make sure the one you like the look of is not a kid’s inflatable chair. The easiest way to do this is by checking the size and the amount of weight it can take.

What Is The Best Inflatable Chair For Adults?

To be fair all three of these were great. The Kelsyus Chaise Lounger cradled my butt in a way it has never been cradled and it is something I will use for many years in my pool. But for a regular inflatable chair that you will use on the ground, I would have to give the win to Vroselv Inflatable Lounger. It is very close and it only just wins, but if I was forced at gun point to pick a place for my rear end to rest for an hour that would be the inflatable chair I would pick. To be honest, you cannot go wrong with either one.