Augmented Reality TARDIS Really Is Bigger On The Inside, May Blow Your Mind

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

We post a lot about Doctor Who here at GFR, and that’s understandable — Doctor Who is cool. Doctor Who fans often being clever, creative sorts, we’ve also posted about lots of Doctor Who-inspired projects over the years, from puppet Doctors to gender-swapped Doctor artwork to TARDIS fridges. I feel safe in saying, however, that this is the coolest Who-related fan project we’ve ever seen. This guy named Greg decided to build his very own TARDIS model, see, but then…then he decided to add an extra layer of authenticity by figuring out a way to replicate — or at least emulate — the TARDIS’ handy feature of being bigger on the inside (or, as Clara would put it, smaller on the outside).

The only way this would be cooler is if you didn’t have to look through a phone to get the effect. Says the guy who has never done anything nearly as cool as building an augmented reality TARDIS.

You can read more about how Greg created this “bigger on the inside” illusion on his website. I read the whole thing and my brain still hurts when I think about this too long. Well played, Greg Kumparak. I declare you an honorary Time Lord. If you’ll just allow me to surgically implant this second heart into your chest…

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