Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back for Terminator 5

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


You know who doesn’t give a shit that The Last Stand did poorly this past weekend? A lot of people. It’s possible Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first role in his return to leading-man status shouldn’t have been an over-the-top humorous action romp. Perhaps a more dignified film or franchise flick would have worked more to his favor. It doesn’t matter. The Last Stand will probably make a killing on DVD and Blu-ray, and probably with men who buy surround sound systems that cost more than one of my mortgage payments. Has this intro already taken too much of your time?

For a London press junket for The Last Stand, the original Terminator himself stated — picture the worst Arnie impersonation ever — HE’LL BE BACK for Terminator 5! I’m not really “exclamation mark” enthused about that, but the possibility of it has run through many minds since the project was announced, and was reinvigorated after Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier were name-checked as screenwriters last week. Well, this seems to quell those quarrelsome questions quickly. Sorry, talking about Schwarzenegger and Terminator together again makes me want to wax poetic.

His commenT-800… let me try again. His comment put the film onto his upcoming slate of features, including whatever Conan sequel is being cranked out, as well as — writing this makes parts of my brain go numb — the Triplets future fiasco. So obviously there’s no hard evidence as to what his role will entail, especially since the script is still in development. Could he possibly channel his inner Marlon Brando and play a patriarchal role, this time to a supercyborg rather than a Superman? Pfft. I will leave it up to you, reading community, to predict how Arnold will fit back into the franchise. And I swear that’s not a weight joke. I hope he doesn’t homage his entrance into the franchise. That’s definitely a weight joke.

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