Army Of Frankensteins Warps In A New Oddity-Filled Trailer

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

In the current and upcoming glut of Frankenstein-themed flicks, a movie really has to come from left field to stand apart from the rest. And for his debut feature, director Ryan Bellgardt apparently took over the entire left field during production of his upcoming horror adventure Army of Frankensteins, because it looks like one of the most interesting movies that will come out this year. Now it doesn’t necessarily look like the best release of the year by a long shot, but we here at Giant Freakin’ Robot understand the power of imagination and originality can often make up for not having the big bucks of a studio backing.

The trailer above gives us a much clearer vision than the teaser of the kind of story Army of Frankensteins will be telling, and it looks even more blissfully amazing than I could have hoped. And I’m saying that with only trace amounts of irony. I love bonkers movies, and it doesn’t get much more out there than this.

Alan Jones (Jordan Farris) somehow travels back in time (with a bloody eye) all the way to the Civil War, and somewhere along the way a multitude of Frankenstein creatures from different dimensions all show up on the battlefield and wreak havoc for not only the soldiers fighting, but for John Wilkes Booth as he tries to assassinate Abraham Lincoln! I almost wish this superbly ridiculous moment wasn’t in the trailer, but it’s my favorite part, watching Booth standing on the Ford Theater balcony, taking careful aim at the back of the President’s head, and then bam! Frankenstein monster “Arrghh!” right in his face!

I quite like how there’s barely a sense of the narrative to these trailers, keeping all of the absurdities vague rather than spelling everything out. Sure, they say the main character can “see through the eyes of the monsters” with his messed-up eye, but I still have no idea how that will factor into the story. Also, the white soldier’s relationship with the black woman seems like it’ll make for some good conflict, but I don’t know how.

But even if they gave away the entire story, there are more than enough burly mustaches, low-key special effects, and monster fighting to keep even the most cynical genre fan entertained. Or at least confused. I admit I’ll watch any movie that has lines like, “You can’t go around sewing cannons to people,” and “You ruptured the multiverse! You fool!” If this flick is as half as good as the similarly titled Frankenstein’s Army, then I’ll be highly impressed. Maybe enough to start writing my own Frankenstein movie, one where a group of creatures open up a restaurant and try to get a Michelin star.

Check out the teaser trailer below and stay tuned for a U.S. release date.