Sci-Fi’s 10 Most Annoying Characters

By David Wharton | 12 months ago

DomeEveryone On Under the Dome

Under the Dome began its existence as a super-thick Stephen King novel, full of small-town characters with the kind of small-town personalities that King excels at creating. On its way from page to screen, the plot necessarily saw some detours taken and changes made, and one of those changes was “turn all of the characters into lifeless blobs of exposition.” I’m not saying that, in the situation of a giant mystery dome appearing, my own hometown’s population wouldn’t react in bizarre ways. But their behavior would at least be explainable by biology and sociology.

Not a single character in Under the Dome makes any goddamned sense, from the monolithic authoritativeness of Big Jim to the crackerjack naivety of Julia. I bailed on the series around the beginning of Season 2, unable to keep watching this talented cast of actors and actresses bottom out their resumes. So I guess it’s entirely possible that Junior is more human than hamster wheel of plot maneuvering now, or that two people in Chester’s Mill are able to have a two-minute conversation without someone getting their life threatened, but I seriously doubt it.


How We Would Kill Them Off: Turn the Dome into a bowl and make a Chester’s Mill soup.

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