Sci-Fi’s 10 Most Annoying Characters

By David Wharton | 11 months ago

KateKate Austen (Lost)

Ask anyone what makes Lost an unforgettable series, and you’ll probably hear answers like “the mysteries” or “the character-driven storytelling.” You know what nobody says was the best part about Lost? Kate “I used to be a criminal but now I have emotions” Austen. As the main female lead in this sprawling mystery, she should have been a pillar of some kind of reputable character trait, or followed an archetypical story arc. Even if she maintained her devious ways, she should have done something in this series that wasn’t just “helped someone in trouble,” or “helped someone kill someone.”

Instead, Kate’s personality was more or less a blank slate designed solely to react to other characters and their situations. Her story rarely strayed outside the bubble of “Is she with Jack or is she with Sawyer or is she with the Man in Black?” and all these years later, it seems like her dialogue was created by using Damon Lindelof’s Magic 8 Ball. Maybe it’s because Evangeline Lilly played the part as if she’d spend the previous 15 seconds huffing a mixture of markers and gasoline, but this character was a constant low for a series that reached impossible-to-explain highs.


How We Would Kill Her Off: Push her under the wheels of Oceanic Flight 815.

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