Anna Torv Calls Fringe’s Final Season A Luxury

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Fringe always has a sturdy presence at Comic Con, and just because the show is coming up on its final season, 2012 is no exception. Production on the truncated fifth season—it will only be 13 episodes—of Fringe begins soon, like Thursday soon. And this time around the notoriously secretive producers are giving the cast more heads up about what is in store.

Star Anna Torv sat down with THR and dished as much as she could about the upcoming final season.

Torv confirmed what we’ve already heard about much of season five taking place in the year 2036. The Australian-born actress expressed her excitement about the change of scenery. “We do start in 2036, which is kind of cool because I haven’t been in that world yet,” she says. “I wasn’t in [episode]19 [“Letters of Transit”], which was sort of the first taste of the Observer-ruled world was like. It’s all very new to me.”

Continuing, she talks about what a “luxury” it is to know that show is coming to an end. Most shows simply get the axe and never have the opportunity to wrap things up, and consequently leave unanswered questions. Being aware of the impending end gives all departments, including the actors and writers, the chance to finish things. “The writers are really going to be able to finish the game and to satisfy the fans and to end the story potentially. For us too, we get to embrace knowing that we really want to make every moment count and enjoy it too.”

But remember, this is Fringe, however, so I’m sure there will be some things left in the shadows, nothing is ever that simple.

The cast members may know how Fringe will ultimately conclude, but don’t expect any hints. Torv dodges those questions with a smile. Guess we’ll all just have to wait and watch for ourselves.

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