Android Anatomy Artist Reveals The Inner Workings Of C-3PO And Bender

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

We’re on a bit of an art kick today here at GFR. Having already taken a trip back to Mos Eisley, now we’re turning our gaze toward an artist who doesn’t buy into that whole “beauty is only skin deep” thing at all. His name is Yves José Malgorn, and his series of Android Anatomy drawings attempt to give us a look at the inner workings of some of fiction’s best-known ‘bots…not to mention a few celebrities that you might never have suspected of artificial origins.

The inside looks at such well-known droids as Star Wars‘ C-3PO and Futurama‘s Bender are both gorgeously detailed, even if they don’t necessarily track with canon (it’s been repeatedly established that Bender’s chest cavity contains whatever the episode calls for at that moment).

Ever wondered what the hell was going on inside Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head? Now we know.

And, finally, we discover just how Mickey Mouse has managed to age so gracefully over the past eight decades. He’s a skinjob!

You can check out more Android Anatomy pics, as well as Malgorn’s other art, at his website. FYI, some of his art is semi-NSFW, but nothing really ventures beyond the PG-13 realm.

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