First Look At Andrew Wiggin In Ender’s Game

By Josh Tyler | Published

We’ve just gotten our first ever look at Andrew “Ender” Wiggin in the Ender’s Game movie. Granted, it’s only the back of his head, but it’s really him.

Here’s the photo, see you afterward for an explanation of what the image depicts…

Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin in Ender's Game

The above image comes from the film’s production blog and they’ve sent us the following explanation for what you’re seeing…

Though Ender’s world is one worth saving, it sometimes comes with a price. The novel was amazingly prescient about a great many things: remote controlled drone wars, the internet, the influence of blogging, hand held computing tablets like the I-Pad, and of course, electronic surveillance implants. Implanted tracking and monitoring chips are no longer a science fiction concept. They exist now. And one day, they may be as advanced as the monitor implanted into Ender, which allows Colonel Graff to “see through his eyes” and know: HE’S THE ONE.

It’s a minor point in the book but the tracking device is one of the earlier events in Ender’s life. Hopefully we’ll see something more significant from the film. In the meantime, just knowing that Ender’s Game is actually being made is exciting enough.