American Horror Story’s Frances Conroy Cast In NBC’s Beautiful People

By Steve West | 9 years ago

Frances Conroy, who has played some fantastic characters on television including roles on Six Feet Under and the recent FX hit American Horror Story, has been cast as the lead in NBC’s Beautiful People. The series sounds more like a deep drama with sci-fi tendencies than an outright sci-fi series. The project has the potential to be a much more mainstream Battlestar Galactica style series, where the humanity of mankind is revealed through relationships with robots that look like people.

According to Deadline the drama, written by Michael McDonald, is about a society where androids exist but are treated like second-class citizens. It’s almost like we’ve finally gotten over our xenophobic and racist tendencies with each other, and have now found a common social enemy in the Mechanicals. Calling the androids Mechanicals has that subtle double entendre epithet aspect that is reminiscent of listening to your grandpa talk about the “blacks” that live next door. It’s that pervasive social racism.

Conroy has had great success recently on American Horror Story the dearly departed maid Moira. The actress is the quintessential example of “if you saw her you’d recognize who she is” in action. It’s fantastic that she’ll be playing a lead role on Beautiful People as the wealthy Lydia, the wife of the man who founded the firm that makes the Mechanicals. Conroy joins James Murray and Patrick Heusinger, who were previously cast in the show.