Get Your First Look At AMC’s Creepy Robot Drama Humans Here

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

HumansAMC currently rules the horror TV landscape, at least popularity wise, with their mega hit zombie drama The Walking Dead. And while they’ve tackled weighty fare with Breaking Bad, the western with Hell On Wheels, and the police procedural with Low Winter Sun, they’ve yet to dive full on into science fiction. That’s changing with their upcoming Humans, and now we have a new look at the series.

This new image shows actress Gemma Chan, who plays a “Synth,” as their called (it sounds like a very derogatory term), named Anita. Set in an alternate reality that parallels our own, in Humans these robotic servants—think super fancy Rosie from The Jetsons—have become the must-have status symbol for any family on the rise. One suburban family reaches beyond their budget and means to purchase their very own Synth, hoping it will change their life. And it does, just not for the better. When they buy a refurbished model, they discover that living with a machine has “far-reaching and chilling consequences.”

Humans was originally going to be an Xbox Entertainment Studios production, but Microsoft abandoned their push to create content through this avenue before they even got started. When the software monolith bowed out, however, AMC and the U.K.’s Channel 4 stepped in to take over the reigns and keep the ball rolling. Originally slated for an eight-episode season, it remains to be seen if that’s still the case.

Humans is the English-language remake of a Swedish series called Real Humans, and as far as we can tell, it’s essentially almost the exact set up and plot. Since we last heard about this series, they’ve pieced together what looks to be an impressive cast. In addition to Chan, William Hurt (A History of Violence) headlines the show with Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd), Tom Goodman-Hill (The Devil’s Whore), Neil Maskell (Utopia), Rebecca Front (The Thick of It), and Colin Morgan (The Fall)

Aside from this, there’s not a ton of details, but the basic premise sounds promising, not to mention creepy, and with this roster of talent, it’s definitely one we’ll be keeping a close eye on. AMC has tried to get a couple of sci-fi programs off the ground over the last few years, though none of them have ever come to fruition, so lets hope Humans does the trick. They’re branching out The Walking Dead world with the spinoff Cobalt, but while we’re interested in seeing how that turns out, we’re definitely pumped to see something more strictly science fiction than zombie/horror related.

We don’t have a solid timetable, but we could see Humans sometime in 2015.

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