Will AMC Make The Walking Dead Into A Movie?

By Rudie Obias | 9 years ago

Now that AMC’s hit zombie TV drama, The Walking Dead, has wrapped production on its mid-season finale and later news broke that its season three will be split into two parts, there have been rumblings and rumors that AMC may consider turning The Walking Dead into a movie.

Bloody Disgusting says they have “friends working closely with The Walking Dead crew” and those friends have confirmed AMC’s interest in turning their horror genre drama into a full-length motion picture. The Walking Dead was originally pitched as a movie but later developed by AMC for cable TV. It’s unclear whether The Walking Dead movie will take place at the end of the series’ run or if it will take place between seasons like The X-Files movie.

Making The Walking Dead into a movie would be somewhat easy, take a storyline from Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novel like (POSSIBLE TV SPOILERS AHEAD) the war between Rick’s group and the Governor’s and then adapt that into a movie, or some other part of the storyline that would require deeper storytelling, which wouldn’t be hindered by TV censors and guidelines. Then connect the movie back to the TV series at the start of the following season.

It would be difficult to see if a possible Walking Dead movie would do well in theaters. After all, The Walking Dead is the most popular genre TV show on cable TV, but that really doesn’t translate well to big box office receipts. Just look at past examples of TV box office failures like Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me or any of The X-Files movies.

Season three of The Walking Dead premieres on October 14th on AMC.

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