Amazing Iron Giant Alternate Poster

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

If you’ve seen it you’ll agree that The Iron Giant is one of the most unfairly underrated animated movies of all time. Before he made Ratatouille, The Incredibles, and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol back in 1999 Brad Bird was the mind behind a heartfelt science fiction film about a boy who befriends a weapon of mass destruction… and no one saw it.

But now it’s a cult classic, the kind of movie you base friendships on. And maybe now’s the time to celebrate it the way it should have been back then. Here’s a great way to start the parade, with this amazing alternate poster design for the film…

That stunning piece of artwork, which I’m already wishing I could find some way to get on my wall, comes from artist Scott Hopko who makes his living creating brilliant advertising artwork.

He’s done a few others too, like this great poster for Escape from New York

And this one for Disney’s John Carter…

See more of Scott’s work on his Movie Poster Design Facebook page.