Amazing Blade Runner Photos From Behind The Scenes

Blade Runner was a special film.

By Josh Tyler | Published

Now it’s common practice for Hollywood’s major studios to release not only photos from behind the scenes, but entire, detailed making of documentaries detailing everything that happened during the filming of their latest blockbuster. But that wasn’t the norm at all back in 1982 when Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford, and Rutger Hauer were on set shooting Blade Runner. Without the internet as a distribution method all you ever really saw was the final product on film or, if you were a particularly attentive, a few photos published in one of the era’s industry magazines.

But Blade Runner was a special film and if you’ve ever wondered what it must have been like on the set, here’s your answer in the form of a series of newly surfaced, stunning photos from behind the scenes while they filmed.

The above photos come from the amazing blog of Gavin Rothery where he has dozens more amazing images snapped behind the scenes of Blade Runner. He was also the source of those fantastic Dune photos we brought you earlier this week, and that makes his blog a place worth visiting regularly.