Alternate RoboCop Suit Picture May Suggest A Redesign

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

The beleaguered RoboCop remake has been the source of a lot of drama already, and it’s not even slated to come out until 2014. There have been rumors of director Jose Padilha describing the project as “hell,” a release date shift that suggests that MGM may not be super confident in the direction of the movie, and a round of fanboy blowback after set photos of the underwhelming new RoboCop designs hit the internet. With all of the hullabuloo, I’d very nearly forgotten about something we heard months ago: the new RoboCop is supposed to go through several “looks” during the course of the film. Now, thanks to a photo posted online it looks like what we’ve seen so far may not tell the whole story.

That image was posted by Comic Book Movie, who claim the picture was taken on set. It seems to show a different, more mechanical and heavier-looking version of the sleek black armor we’ve seen before. You can see that for comparison below.

Earlier rumors, first reported back in August, reported that the script had at least four different versions of the RoboCop suit over the course of the story. That was my first assumption as to what the new picture was: just one of the versions we hadn’t seen yet. After all, you can see several similar features in both suits; the new one just looks meaner and more heavily armored, almost resembling Master Chief’s armor from the Halo games. It’s definitely less “Batman-y” than the earlier design.

There is one curious issue, however. CBM’s source says that “this suit will be worn throughout the movie.” So what does that mean for the multiple-RoboCops rumor? Is their source just unclear or wrong, and this is indeed just one new iteration of the suit’s multiple forms? Or could the production have decided to change the suit and this new look is what they came up with, possibly in reaction to a lot of bad buzz surrounding the earlier pics?

At this point, it’s impossible to say, but we’ll bring you more as we learn it. Including, hopefully, a better quality image of the new suit.

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