Aliens One-Minute Speedrun Mostly Comes Out At Night…Mostly

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

I wish I knew how long it took the guys from 1A4Studio to do their quasi-parody Speedrun videos, because I would then clone the creators several times over so that they could pay a one-minute homage to all of cinema. Actually, I’m pretty pleased that, in four videos, they haven’t strayed from the science fiction genre. Maybe we don’t need Speedruns of movies like Madea’s Family Reunion or Titanic. But another James Cameron film fits the bill perfectly.

Aliens (“Send in the Marines!”) is the latest to get chopped up and animated, which is something that wouldn’t work at all with Ridley Scott’s first film. And I don’t even know if there are enough memorable moments from the third and fourth films to fill up a minute. But Aliens was just a non-stop adrenaline rush, and it’s captured here nicely, and the flippity-jibbity voiceovers feed into the manic pacing. If I could do chin-ups like these guys…

As with the movie, the real fun starts when the crew reaches LV-426, which looks just like everything else in this sparsely drawn world, but you can tell because of all the aliens and all the screaming. Before rewatching the film a few years ago when it hit Blu-ray, the most complete memory I had of Aliens was the extreme amount of screaming and gunfire all throughout the middle. So this video didn’t even need Ripley to kick the Queen Mother in between the legs (where balls wouldn’t be) in order to win me over. Still not better than the concept of Aliens on ice, but it’s good stuff.

Need more 60-second sci-fi? Here you go.

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