Aliens: Colonial Marines Battles Xenomorphs In Newest Teaser Trailer

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The space marine subgenre of first person shooters has been ripping off Alien from the start. Bungie, the creators of Halo, have often cited the film as a huge influence on their series. If you’re going to do a space marine FPS, why the hell wouldn’t you get on board with the franchise that started it all. If you’re Gearbox Software, you do just that.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is shaping up to be a solid shooter, but it’s the clear love for the franchise that has me excited. I still remember watching Alien as a (much too young) kid with a friend. We were in the midst of a horror phase and ran through most of what the local video store had in that genre. So with no more movies about dudes with drills on the end of a Stratocaster, we ventured out to see what mainstream horror flicks were around. Before seeing the film neither of us had any idea how important or amazing Alien is as a sci-fi horror movie.

Gearbox appears to respect the franchises place in sci-fi horror history based on the trailer below. Taking place between Aliens and Alien 3, Colonial Marines follows a squad of marines answering a distress signal coming from an abandoned ship near LV-426.

I have no idea what’s really up with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus movie, and how it may or may not relate to Alien All that’s certain is you’ll be blasting away at Xenomorphs come Spring 2012.


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